Wuhou Shrine Temple Chengdu

The Wuhou Shrine is the temple of Marquis Wu, also commonly known as Zhuge Liang from the era of the Three Kingdoms. Zhuge Liang was a great militarist, diplomat, and astronomer.

Zhuge Liang is considered one of the most famous historic figures across China because he was a renowned minister and military strategist for Emperor Liu Bei of the Shu Kingdom.

People love the story of Zhuge Liang because he was a wise and knowledgeable man with outstanding military tactics, like Sun Tzu.

There are also a lot of movies and dramas made in the modern day to show the story of the Three Kingdoms, and Zhuge Liang is a figure that will always be featured in.

The main entrance of the Wuhou Temple, located along Wu Hou Ci Main Street.

What to See in Wuhuo Shrine?

Although this is just a temple, it can take a while to explore the entire shrine. I suggest you spend an hour to two to explore this attraction.

And if you love the history of China, especially the Three Kingdoms period, this is the place where you want to spend more time to learn and understand.

Here are some of the highlights inside Wuhou Temple:

The Front Gate

At the front gate, you can see the horizontal board inscribed with 4 characters, “Han Zhao Lie Miao”, which means the Temple of Liu Bei, King of Han state.

A statue of Zhuge Liang with his signature feather fan.

The Second Gate

Once you entered the second gate, you will see the statues of the important people from the Three Kingdoms. There are 14 statues of the brave generals, led by Pang Tong. You can also find the statue of Zhao Yun, a skillful general among them.

Liu Bei Temple

Although the Wuhou Temple is dedicated to Zhuge Liang, you can find Liu Bei Temple inside. The temple is higher than the rest to represent his status of emperorship. Inside, you will see a 3-meter high golden statue of Liu. And you will also see the statue of Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and his son inside Liu Bei Temple.

Wuhou Temple

Right behind Liu Bei Temple, you will see the Wuhou Temple. In the foyer, you can see a board with 3 characters, “Wu Hou Ci”, which means Wuhou Temple. The statue of Zhuge Liang is in this temple. You will notice Zhuge Liang holding his famous feather fan on his hand.

Wuhou Shrine. This is the Temple of Zhuge Liang.

Sanyi Temple

There is another interesting attraction in Wuhou Temple, which is the Sanyi Temple. This is the temple dedicated for the brotherhood of Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei.

The Garden Area

Take a stroll in the garden to appreciate the serenity and enjoy the stone carvings, ginkgoes, bonsai, and many types of beautiful flowers. The bamboo pathway is one the most Instagram-able scenes for visitors.

The beautiful bamboo walkway in Wuhou Temple. This is no doubt the most Instagram-able location for visitors.

The Mausoleum of Liu Bei

As you walk across the garden, you will reach the Mausoleum of Liu Bei, which is the tomb of Liu Bei. After the death of Emperor Liu, Zhuge Liang buried him here, and later, together with Queen Gan and Queen Wu of Liu.

The Culture Exhibition Hall

There is also a culture exhibition hall within the shrine. There are countless historical relics like potteries, weapons, calligraphy works, sculptures, and other artifacts from the Three Kingdom period here.

Where is Wuhou Temple?

Wuhou Temple is easy to find, it is located in the southwestern part of downtown Chengdu.

To get there, you can take Metro Line 3 and get off at Gaoshengqiao Station. Follow the direction to Wuhouci Avenue, where you just need to walk to the east for about 5 minutes to reach the temple’s main entrance.

Visit Jinli Ancient Street Next to Wuhou Temple

Jinli old street located next to Wuhou Temple.

The Jinli Ancient Street is right next to Wuhou Temple. So take your time to explore Wuhou Temple, after that, take a walk in Jinli old street.

You can find many street foods here and it is one of the best walking streets in Chengdu, similar to Kuan Zhai Alley.

Tips for Visiting Wuhou Temple

  • If you have luggage, don’t worry, you can keep them in the tourist center of the Wuhou Temple.
  • No matter where you are located, as long as you are in Chengdu and you can get to the metro station, you can visit Wuhou Temple.
  • Like all other parts of China, traveling with metro is fast and easy. It is the same in Chengdu.
  • Do take note that the temple is open for visitors from 8:00 am to about 6:00 pm. It opens daily.
  • The admission ticket is 60 RMB per person.
  • The recommended visiting time is about 1 to 2 hours. If you love the history of the Three Kingdoms, you will spend more time here.
  • Make sure you also visit Jinli old street which is right next to Wuhou Temple.
  • When you visit during Chinese New Year, the temple will be decorated with red lantern and colorful lamps.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available and if you have WeChat app, you can listen to the audio explanation of this historical temple.

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