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So, you’ve heard about Maokong near the suburb of Taipei and you want to visit the place? You’ve come to the right page to learn more about Maokong.

Maokong is widely known as one of the top attractions in Taipei City, mainly for its quiet and scenic surroundings, plus its locally grown green tea that makes Maokong a great runaway from the crowded and busy city life.

Whether you are a local or a tourist who want to get fresh air and stay away from the bustling city life, Maokong is the perfect place for you.

The view of Taipei City from Maokong. You can see Taipei 101, the highest building in all of Taiwan.

Not to mention that when you get up to the Maokong hilltop, you can also enjoy the beautiful Taipei City view and get a glimpse of Elephant Hill on the background too.

Maokong is a village located at the top of a mountain. And most people visited Maokong for its tea, a relaxing afternoon, and of course, the panoramic view of Taipei city.

How to Go Maokong

Getting to Maokong is easy, you just need to take the metro and get off at Taipei Zoo Station (Brown Line, Wenhu Line).

And from Taipei Zoo Station, walk about 5 minutes to reach the Maokong Gondola station. Take a look at the map below for better understand:

Maokong Gondola Cable Car

The gondola or cable car at Maokong is an attraction in itself. Prior to building the gondola, visitors have to drive to Maokong. But after the construction of the cable car, you can now take it all the way up to the hill while enjoying the great mountain view.

There are 2 types of gondolas provided, the glass-bottom and the ordinary ones. And there are a couple of stations situated along the cable car line:

  1. Taipei Zoo Station
  2. Taipei Zoo South Station
  3. Shinan Temple Station
  4. Maokong Station
Taking the gondola is one of the best ways to experience your journey up the mountain.

A single trip journey from the bottom (Taipei Zoo Station) to the top (Maokong Station) is $120 NT. And if you use the Easycard for payment, you will get a 20% discount, but only on weekdays.

From the bottom up to Maokong station, it takes about 30 minutes. You can enjoy the view from the mountain and experience the steep climb of the gondola.

What to See in Maokong

If you plan to also visit Taipei Zoo, you can do so.

Otherwise, if you are planning for just Maokong, then you can also drop off at Zhinan Temple and check out the temple.

Zhinan Temple

It is a small temple with a pagoda surrounded by a pond with a golden dragon fountain. You can also find the 12 Chinese zodiac stone carved statues here.

Zhinan Temple at Maokong. There is a golden dragon fountain at the pond.

Tea Farm

Yes, Maokong produces some teas, hence you can find some small tea farms here. Although Maokong is famous for its tea, most of the tea leaves available here are imported.

Hiking Trails

Yes, there are a few hiking trails in Maokong. If you are a hiker, you can also plan your hike here.

Two famous hiking trails are the Camphor Tree Trail and Tea Fragrance Loop Trail. Make sure you check out the map before you begin your journey.

Enjoying a Cup of Tea or Coffee

People come here for relaxation and tea. You can find large advertisements for a wide selection of teahouses once you get off Maokong Station. There are also cafes where you can lay back and relax your day.

Make sure you take your time to slowly enjoy your tea and coffee while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Maokong.

Plus. many of the teahouses and cafes like Cat Nothing To Do Cafe offers a great environment for tea-drinking experience. It is an open-air cafe by the side of the main village road. The teas and coffees here may not be as cheap as the one you can get in downtown Taipei, but the panoramic view from the cafe is worth the price.

Maokong Street Foods

Street foods are famous in Taiwan. No matter where you go, whether in Taipei or Taichung or Tainan, you can find plenty of street foods here, even at Maokong.

There are some stores and a small food center along the village road here selling street foods. Hence, you don’t have to worry about having nothing to eat for lunch or dinner.

Maokong cable car operates until 9 PM for most days. Hence, you can watch the sunset here and enjoy the night city view.

Maokong Travel Tips

  • Maokong is a unique place for visitors. People visit Maokong for a short getaway from the city, usually to experience the quiet and a more relaxed environment.
  • Make sure you try out the Maokong Cat Ice-cream, it is a specialty of this place.
  • Maokong opens for visitors all year round unless specifically stated, such as the gondola closed for maintenance, etc.
  • You may spend about 2 to 3 hours here. And if you plan to stay longer, make sure you check out the night view from Maokong too.
  • The gondola service opens at 8:30 AM to 9 PM each day except Friday and weekend opens until 10 PM. You can stay for dinner and catch the night city view if you want to.
  • You can also watch the sunset from Maokong. The scene will be beautiful.
  • If you don’t want to take the cable car, you can also get a taxi as an alternative. Taxi drivers usually camped around the gondola station.

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