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Mount Qingcheng, or Qingcheng San and in Chinese, it is written as 青城山, is one of the must-visit attractions when you come to Sichuan.

The mountain is located just not too far off from the capital city of Sichuan, Chengdu.

If this is your first time coming to Chengdu, here’s what I’m going to let you know – it is a great city with loads of foods to eat and many beautiful natural scenery to enjoy.

The famous and internationally-known Chinese director, Ang Lee, once said that Chengdu is a place where you will never want to leave after you come.

After my 3 weeks trip in Sichuan, I have to say that I agree with Ang Lee.

So let’s just talk about my trip to Mount Qingcheng.

At the main entrance of Mount Qingcheng. The Chinese wording means, “Qing Cheng San”.
After the entrance, walking deeper into the mountain.
This is the lake before the cable car station, named “Yue Cheng Hu”

After a short walk from the entrance, you will quickly arrive at this lake. In Chinese, it is written as 月城湖, where the word “hu” means lake.

It is rather a small lake. You can walk around and enjoy the scenery here. And there are also some shops selling foods here.

By the way, to cross the lake, you need to take the boat. A mechanical boat pulled by chain. And you need to purchase the ticket to cross the lake with boat.

A temple in Mount Qingcheng. There are many temples here.
The word “Tao” that represents Taoism.

By the way, Mount Qingcheng is a place famous their Taoist temples. If I’m not mistaken, this is the birth place of Taoism.

If you want to learn about the religion, you can hire a local tour to explain the history of Taoism to you.

But I’m not sure whether they have English spoken guide, you can try.

Another temple before we reach the top.
This is the pagoda located on top of the mountain. It is called “Laojun Pavilion”.
Finally, we’ve reached the peak of Mount Qingcheng.

This place is beautiful. Once you’re at the top, you can see across the entire mountain.

The bad news is that when I was there, the sky was cloudy. I can’t see far although I was on the top.

The scene from the top of the mountain.
Gives you a misty feeling. Seems mysterious, right?
On my way down the hill. The guy on the photo is me.

I went up the mountain crossing the lake with boat and going uphill with the cable car.

However, when I went downhill, I followed another path where I have to walked for about 2-3 hours to reach the main entrance.

So if you don’t like walking or you can’t walk for long, you can go back using the route you came.

I love it because the weather is nice and the air is so fresh. Look at the steps.
Another temple as I’m on my way down the mountain.
Another temple. This is much older. From the architecture of the building, you can tell that it is ancient.
Another stop point before reaching the exit.
Look at how tall the trees. There are a lot of steps to conquer.

This covers my trip to Qingcheng San.

Mount Qingcheng Map

Here is a map of the entire mountain:


If you look at the map, Mount Qingcheng is divided into 2 parts. And they call it the “front mountain” and the “back mountain”.

What you have seen here (my trip) is the front part of the mountain. And on the map, the front mountain is on the right hand side.

On the left, the bigger part that covers more of the mountain is the back mountain. So if you are going to Mount Qingcheng, make sure you know where to go.

The front and the back of the mountain is different.

The front mountain takes about half a day to visit while the back mountain takes at least one full day. And if you are visiting the back of Mount Qingcheng, make sure you stay one night at the ancient town named “Tai An”, or 泰安古镇.

Most people will visit only the front mountain, unless you have plenty of time, then you can visit the back mountain.

What I Think About Mount Qingcheng

First, Mount Qingcheng is famous in Sichuan. This is because it is nearby to the city, Chengdu.

You can take the high-speed rail from Chengdu to Mount Qingcheng in just about 45 minutes.

Once you reached the high-speed rail station, there will be a lot of guides ready to bring you to the place. I choose to travel on my own. So I’m use a guide.

There are plenty of tourist information centers, so don’t worry if you can’t speak Chinese.

From the rail station, you need to take buses to get to the entrance of the mountain. And don’t forget to buy the entrance ticket too.

What about food and things to eat there?

Well, make sure you bring some drinking water. As you walk and climb, you definitely sweat and keep yourself hydrated.

You don’t to worry much about water, but as for things to eat in Mount Qingcheng, all I can say is that this is a mountain, so don’t expect something nice to eat.

There are stalls selling some snacks and foods that you can try out. And they do have a vegetarian restaurant somewhere on the mountain.

And if you can’t find any proper meal, get some snacks.

Will I ever visit Qingcheng again?

My answer is yes. I love this place. It can be crowded at times, especially on the main route. But if you choose to walk the longer route, there are not much people.

It is quiet and the air is fresh. I love it.

Visit Dujiangyan after Mount Qingcheng.

There is another attraction that I strongly recommend you to visit when you are here. And that is the famous Dujiangyan.

Dujiangyan is a famous ancient water irrigation system in Sichuan. It is nearby to Mount Qingcheng.

Thus, normally people will visit both places together. As for my trip here, I spend a whole day in Mount Qingcheng, and by early evening, I make my move to Dujiangyan.

I took the local domestic bus. It was a fun and exciting experience.

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